VIP Sale - Barbie Clothing Multipack - Half-Price Hootenanny:£28

VIP Sale - Barbie Clothing Multipack - Half-Price Hootenanny:£28

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VIP Sale - Barbie Clothing Multipack - Half-Price Hootenanny:£28 - Barbie Dolls

Colours and styles may differ!
Mix and also match the pieces to trigger creativities as well as narration fun!

The 8 comprehensive outfits influence thus several stories and also all-day enjoy with fashionable items of figure apparel for a lot of events and also periods coming from a swimsuit and whitewash to a gown with furry coat, coming from denim jeans as well as a tee to a shimmery gathering dress!
Barbie doll (figurine sold separately) needs to have a wardrobe that is actually prepared for any type of probability!
This fashion trend pack expands her convenience with much more than 25 style things that feature garments for 8 outfits and also matching devices!
Its own opportunity to improve Barbie's outfit along with Barbie Fashions 8 Attire Mulitpack! Barbie knows you may carry out everything! And she is actually constructed her outfit to be actually simply as functional as she is actually. These 8 seeks Barbie figurine (dolly marketed individually) deliver her unique variations on today's patterns. Each ensemble features a full appearance a dress or 2 matching items - along with adequate wide array to take her from all-day laid-back to pink carpeting best. The greater than 25 manner things include accessories designed to complete the looks. Mix and match along with other dolly clothes in free throw line to make distinct appearances and discover your design. With incorporated range and also more assortment in devices, footwear and styles, there are definitely more techniques to trigger creativities as well as participate in out accounts given that you could be just about anything with Barbie! Features eight ensemble (one dress or more matching garments items), 8 sets of footwear as well as added extras; figurine offered individually. Developed to suit initial Barbie figure body style.
Each outfit features a set of footwear as well as a second accessory like a purse, hairpiece, pair of sunglasses or a piece of jewelry!

Even more variety helps make accumulating Barbie dollies and also styles even much more exciting gather them all! (Each sold separately).


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